15-hour online flexibility training

The Softness of Flexibility

From Monday 27 to Tuesday
 28 June 2022
Replays available

Through this 15 hour training, accredited by Yoga Alliance, learn how to safely develop your flexibility through workshops, practices as well as theory and anatomy.
You will discover how to increase your range of motion, find more mobility & fluidity and develop a practice that is sustainable over time for your body and those of your potential students. You will develop the knowledge needed to structure & deepen your personal practice, using specific techniques, mechanisms & exercises to go deeper into the asanas without injury.
This training will cover the whole body’s flexibility, including legs flexibility to front splits, hips flexibility to middle splits, backbends, including dedicated practices & anatomical classes. It will cover the different types of stretches & methods, the benefits & risks of flexibility work as well as the factors that influence flexibility.

 Certified Yoga Alliance




7h30 of practice that will cover the whole body: legs flexibility, hips flexibility, backbends.
Discover 3 specific workshops made of a warm-up/routine, dynamic flows, drills & specific flexibility exercises.
You will be given flows, exercises and personalized advice to continue building your practice.




What is flexibility? What is mobility? How to build flexibility in a sustainable and healthy way for your body?
What are the benefits and risks of developing flexibility? What are the factors affecting our flexibility? What are the different types of stretching, strengthening & how to include them in our practice?
How can we use yoga to develop our flexibility? What role does our breath play? What role do alignments play?
These are some of the questions we will answer during this training..




Anatomy classes will be given by Anaïs Varnier.
What is your body made of? What are its different components that play a role in your flexibility?
You will learn to understand better your body around a global introduction on its different parts as well as more specific points on the major parts of the body.
You will discover what different mechanisms affect your flexibility and how to use them in your practice.

When ?

From Monday 27 to Tuesday 26 June 2022

Replays available

What is included?

  • The teaching
  • The training guidebook
  • The certificate given at the end of the training for participants who have completed the 15 hours

This training is designed for yoga teachers, but also for anyone with a regular practice who wishes to deepen or rediscover this aspect of their experience.

Reservations & price

Reservation on Alice’s website

  • Price
    200 euros

Alice Girard

Alice offers poetic, creative and dynamic flows, which blend softness and intensity. Alice discovered yoga after a knee injury. She immediately fell in love with the practice even though she had no flexibility or body awareness. Yoga allowed her to better understand herself, her body, and its infinite possibilities.
More than a physical practice, she found in yoga a way to connect, center, challenge herself and learn to trust herself. Her teaching is based on softness and kindness, synchronization between poses and the breath, and finding balance between strength and flexibility.

Anaïs Varnier

Holder of two 200h, a 300h with Mathieu Boldron, 150h of Yin Yoga, Anaïs is passionate about the human body and has been training for several years in anatomy. She also has a diploma in FRC and combines physical knowledge and movement. And to go further in the knowledge and sharing of Yoga, she trained in Chinese medicine and completed a 500h of philosophy and history of Yoga.